Fashion is one of the simplest ways to convey your own unique personality. Your fashion style and outer appearance says a lot about your character, and automatically allows people to formulate an instant opinion of you. Whether we like it or not, what we look like on the outside is the first impression we exude, which is why in many cases, fashion has become a paramount part of our lives. Fashion trends change like the wind, and for many of us, keeping up with the latest craze can be hard work. However, infamous fashion houses like Chanel, Gucci, and Christian Dior continue to create new flavours in design heavily influencing the direction of trends to come. These designs are then adopted and adapted by manufacturers, who try to recreate similar designs and retail them at much more affordable prices. For example our High street shops like New Look and Topshop.

Fashion has an extraordinary power. It is followed by many like a religion, and can be used to make a statement or even change your persona. As fashion fads have changed so much over the decades, it is inevitable that trends of earlier fashion eras have reappeared (and in some cases reared their ugly heads).  If we take a trip down memory lane, we can see not only how design has evolved, but how many designers created iconic pieces that to this day still remain at the fore front of fashion.

The term ‘fashionable’, can be used not only to relate to a trend of clothing that may be prominent at the time, but can be used to express the current state of any trend. Although it is a term mainly used to describe a popular style of ones outer image, then of course ‘Unfashionable’ is a term referred to describing a style that has been outmoded. Contradicting the fashion follower’s up to date modern image is the retro style. ‘Retro’ refers to the reappearance of old trends in a socially accepting way. Not only can a retro image spark up nostalgia, but those confident enough to explore fashion from earlier era’s,  portray a quirky individuality that mainstream fashion doesn’t tend to offer.  Designers have cottoned on to the public’s love of retro and vintage clothing and you will find many incorporating the retro realm and vintage vibe in their designs.

Fashion has been an interest of many for decades. The fashion world has attracted designers from all different walks of life striving to create the next big look. One that will get us all hooked and if possible make a revolutionary impact in the future of fashion. Mary Quant did just this when she gave us the notorious mini skirt in the late fifties. This transpired to the mini dress and there we have it, a momentous occasion in fashion history. Another creation we are ever so grateful for are jeans. Although denim as a material has been around since the eighteenth century, jeans as we know them today first became a popular item in the 1950’s. However variations of cuts and colours have had their moments to shine over the decades. Drainpipe, boot-cut, straight leg or low-rise, both male and female fashion is thankful for this versatile creation.

Accessories as well as clothing have always played a large part in fashion. Bags, belts and shoes too can completely transform an outfit.  A handbag or a purse is not only an extension to an outfit but a necessity in a woman’s world.  Bag design has come along way, and whether it’s an evening clutch or a practical day bag, designers have pulled all the stops out to give you endless choices. Some handbag designers use fashion trends as inspiration for their bag design, and others simply set the trend and wow us with their intricacy to detail. It is amazing to see how designers like Chanel and Hermes have not veered from their original key pieces of earlier years, making certain bags iconic. When you look back at images of Grace Kelly with her famous Hermes Kelly bag in 1956, then turn a page in ‘OK’ magazine to see Victoria Beckham herself sporting the identical bag,  this is a representation of how a celebrity turned a fashion item into an iconic masterpiece. Timeless treasures like this worn today would be categorised as vintage. Another image that springs to mind is the one of Ursula Andress emerging from the sea in the first ever Bond movie, in that fabulous white scalloped bikini. This image made it fashionable to be a curvier woman.

Even if you’re not a dedicated follower of fashion, there really is no escaping the fact that fashion is everywhere. Trends are being set as we speak from your undergarments and swimwear, down to hairstyles and jewellery. It is very easy to become a victim of fashion and completely lose your individuality. Finding the perfect balance is the key.

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